Friday, May 2, 2008

Kelsey's animal story

It was a sky blue and warm April morning. While trudging to the stables I found myself wishing something awesome would happen. As I turned around I was happy to see a machine. I didn’t know what it was. As I turned it on I found out it was a changer thingy so it would change you into any animal you wanted. Today was going to be an awesome day after all.

With one excited finger I typed in the word horse and pushed go .But nothing happened so I took it to the creator to fix it. I got their and rung the door bell. He didn’t answer so I left it on the stairs with a note. Later that day the mad scientist came out of the mansion and fixed it .So then the adventure began.

Once again I typed in the word horse and pushed go. But this time it worked .I was now a huge buckskin horse. I galloped to the stables to show the stable master what had happened .When I got their it didn’t really go as I planned .The stable master noticed I didn’t have a saddle or anything so she thought I was a wild horse .She screamed and ran away .When she got to the farm house she told the farm hands and of course they came out with ropes and you Know what? They were on horses! They were going to chase me until I was far far away from the ranch! I had to hide .When coming at me fast so I just sat there. Now wait a minute I’m not going to take that I’m going to run you out of town .Oh no! Here they come run run run! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So they ran me out of town. Besides I always was a scardy cat I couldn’t even stand up to a mouse. So they ran me out of town. Wait wait a minute hold it I see a horse band .I think I’ll go say Hi to them. Ow.

“Ok. Why did you kick me when I didn’t do anything to you?”
“ Because a cougar is coming!”
“Oh well why we are standing here? Lets go!”
“I can do that.”
“ I hope so.“
Once we ditched the cougar we started eating grass. I tried it. “YUCK! That’s nasty. Do you have any pizza or lunchables?”
“Well I’m going to find that machine and change myself back into a human.”
So I ran to the mad scientist .I was expecting a YES! My invention worked. But no I got a big old nasty bit in my mouth. I thought to myself “oh my gosh that thing is nasty. It’s cold and hard.” Then he dragged me into his house where I spotted the machine. After I saw it he drug me into a pen with other people who had been turned into horses. One told me his plan was to bring the machine in here and turn us all back into people. Here he comes. Then he turned us all back into people and I went to the ranch.

I learned that when you see a machine DON’T TOUCH IT!

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