Friday, May 2, 2008

Nolan's animal story

One day it was a dry and hot day. When I came home from school I was watching T.V. There was nothing on so I went outside. I felt fine but I was growing light gray hair on me. Then I was eating some hay. Suddenly I knew something was going to happen and it was going to be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day when I went to school I was walking then I turned into a donkey. I knew I could not go to school like this so I started trotting around town. Everybody looked at me funny. I started to think how animals would treat me so I was booking it south towards the MTS. Then I started picking up the language. Ehoooo,ehooo,ehooo. When I got to the MTS all the animals said sucks for you!!!!!!!
I said “Why?

The deer Bill said, “Look behind you.” There was a sign on the tree that said
“Shoot a donkey. Reward 100,000,000 bucks.” Bill said,
“I can come hide with his herd.” Aimlessly I said,

An hour or two later we came to Bills herd. I came to the herd. Gave them a couple ehoos and they said “What kind of a deer is that?”
I said, “A donkey.”
They said “Bill, Bill.”
He said, “ What?”
“ Why did you bring a donkey to our herd?”
“Because he saw the donkey sine.”
The leader of the herd Kenny said, “So you will attract the hunters to our herd.”
“Bill said, “Sorry”. They suddenly we heard a nose and 10 or 11 hunters came running and shooting at me. Bill and I took off. The rest of the herd ran off too.
The hunters said, “Where is that donkey?”
The other hunter said“ I am going to smother that donkey in honey.”
I said ” Bill?”
“They want to smother me in honey.”
“Who would want to eat a donkey?”
“Apparently them.”
“ I see.” The hunters ran off we were so happy.
I said, “ We better stay here for the night.”
“Ok.” Bill said.

Finally on Friday morning Bill and I went back to check on the herd because we kind of left them. When we got there Kenny was laying on the ground dead but he was kidding. When we got back to the herd they were so happy that we were still alive.

From that day on I learned how to dodge a bullet. I said goodbye to the deer so I went home and turned back to my normal self and called that the weirdest few days of my life.

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