Thursday, May 1, 2008

Courtney's animal story

It was a cold and chilly December evening. Grandpa was telling a story. He started. Once upon a time, a little grey wolf was walking to his grandma’s cottage on the other side of the woods… I could tell this was a very bizarre story. Later that day, that same little grey wolf was lost in the woods. He did not know that he was lost. He could not see grandma’s house. He could hear the nightingale’s singing. He could smell the brisk morning. He couldn’t wait to share his mothers homemade blackberry jam, (his grandmother’s favorite) and whole wheat rolls fresh out of the oven. It finally hit him that he was really lost. He heard a bush rattle. A huge girl came marching proudly into the area. She stopped. She looked at him. And he screamed. He was terrified. He had never seen anything uglier in his life. She stood there. He stopped screaming. “You aren’t going to eat me?” he asked. “No, of course not” she replied with a very annoyed tone. “Who are you” he asked. “I am Mrs. Petersen” she replied like she was teaching class. She offered to take me to my grandmother’s. Since she was a teacher, more like my mother with glasses. They walked and walked until they came to a fork in the road. She suggested

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