Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shark boy

Shark Boy
By Dalton Moser
March 21, 2008
In the middle of the daytime, at 12 am, I was swimming in the water when I met Max. Then he looked at me. Then he snuck me home without mom and dad looking at me and Shark Boy. Then I saw a glowing light. It was Lava Girl. The day after that a kid, Linus, picked on me and pushed me because he wanted my journal. He worked for Mr. Electric and to kill Shark Boy and Lava Girl but Shark Boy got shocked by electric eels where linus got them but before that happened they asked me to come with them to stop Mr. Electric from taking the kids from school to space. The kids were at an amusement park. The kids were riding on a roller coaster which Mr. Electric tied them to the seats. But at the end this girl kills the electric guy and then everybody was happy. At the end of the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl get together again but they are happy again. The end.

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