Thursday, May 1, 2008

Erin's animal story

It was a hot and windy summer day when I walked to the store. I was wishing something would happen, so I walked in the store. Then something fishy had happened. That was the weirdest day I ever had.

It was another day. I was getting some food from the store because my mom wanted me to go to get corn and spinach so I grabbed them, bought it and went to the counter and bought them. The same people were laughing at me even the man behind the counter. Then I ran home thinking that was the weirdest day.
latter that night I saw I was growing a tail so I screamed. I was watching TV and my mom was making popcorn. My mom ran down the hall with the popcorn and she spilt the popcorn getting a little bit on the ground. She asked me”what is the matter?” That was the weirdest day.
The next morning I found myself feeling my body’s soft fur so I could not sleep. Then I woke up and put my clothes on and brushed my teeth and went down the stairs and ate my breakfast and my mom was laughing at me. When I looked in the mirror and I turned into a panda bear.
Now you know how I turned into a panda bear so that was the weirdest day I ever had.

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