Friday, May 2, 2008

Tylert's animal story

It was a windy and snowy February morning, when I was watching TV. I got up aimlessly looking for the remote .When I turned around I saw a tail. I knew it was going be a weird day after all.

When I sat down I wanted to turn into a cougar. With one finger I changed the channel. Instantly I changed into a cougar. I could smell vanilla and hear trees. The sun was shining on me. Then I knew I was not alone. There was an ugly donkey, an uglier duck, and a retarded chicken. The retarded chicken’s feathers were going everywhere and I wouldn’t eat any of them. The animals were grumpy and the donkey named Nolan was laughing. He said they were looking for a farmer who wanted us. They asked if I wanted to go and I said “yes.”

When morning came, we were walking toward a house. There was a farmer feeding horses, so we went to see if he wanted us. He said “uh a cougar!” So we left and then we saw another farm. They had a big house! We went over to his house. The chicken flew up on top of their house and the farmer didn’t want us either.

Finally, we found a fat hillbilly who wanted some animals so he found us and took us home. We were happy that we had an owner. The donkey ate in his stable, the duck went into the creek to swim, the chicken laid eggs in the barn and I went to the woods and was hunting deer.

From that day on we learned to never go to real farmer. They already had enough animals and we needed an owner.

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